Relaxing Places to visit

Stress and anxiety can cause serious health problems, city life, social media all play a part in causing an increase in anxiety and stress. A good way to get away from the stress of modern life is to take a break. The people at have put together a list of the top relaxing places you can go in the UK, take a look and plan your next trip!

1. Cornwall 

Sitting at the top of the list is Cornwall, one of the most beautiful places in the country, rural and coastal settings a plenty and a friendly atmosphere. Cornwall forms a peninsula with wild moorlands and many sandy beaches. The south coast of Cornwall is dubbed the Cornish riviera due to the climate and picturesque landscapes. Cornwall has a host of picturesque villages and seaside resorts

2. Standish 

A small yet humble town in the borough of Wigan has made it onto our list due to the small population, low pollution and lack of traffic jams. The village has a population of less than 14,000 people making it a perfect place to settle.

3.The Lake District 

One of the most beautiful places in the UK, it was always going to make it onto the list. A favourite for nationals and tourists the lake district is a region of Cumbria in the northwest of England. With a low pollution level and beautiful market towns such as Keswick, Kendal, Ambleside and Derwentwater. The lake district is a wonderful place to visit and live.

4. Wales

Wales made it on to the list due to the low levels of pollution and traffic free roads (mostly). Wales is a well known part of southwest Great Britain. With rugged coastlines and famous mountains located there. The celtic culture and welsh language is a draw for tourism.

5. Scottish Highlands

Home to famous loch Ness and many other famous attractions  the Scottish Highland is a wonderful place to move to and relax, benefit from rural locations and lower house prices you can pick up a lot of real estate for a lower cost.

As you can tell the most relaxing places to live in the UK appear to be more rural locations, this goes to show that city life really does have an impact on our health and ability to de-stress. Not everyone will be able to move to the locations or may not even want to but a short visit to a rural location is proven to reduce stress and help relax. If you live in a busy area it can be a great way to relax with a rural weekend away.

How can I get involved?

We want to support and encourage local participation and influence so if you are a New Cross Gate resident or a local business that wants to get involved please contact us. We need your involvement to ensure that the right benefits are being delivered to the area. Without your help and advice we won’t know what is needed.

Submitting Projects

Click on the link above to find out more about the process of submitting a project to NDC along with guidance notes and application forms.

Theme Groups

Click on the link above to view dates for theme group meetings.

The role of a theme group is:

  • To review the existing theme programme
  • To identify gaps within the current theme programme and provide recommendations on addressing these gaps.
  • To develop a forward strategy for the theme and also for projects within the theme.
  • To develop new proposals that will address the theme priorities.
  • To develop partnerships.
  • To monitor effectiveness of relevant NDC projects.
  • To make recommendations to the Partnership Board
  • To consider and help implement decisions of the Partnership Board
  • To approve the draft strategy for inclusion within the annual delivery plan.
  • To support key public service targets.


Membership will comprise of local residents, NDC Board representatives, statutory agencies and voluntary agencies.

There will be 21 places allocated on the theme group with at least 11 Resident members. Resident places are determined by a b-annual election process administered by Electoral Reform Services. The next elections are due to take place at the end of March 2004, where 5 Resident places are available. Candidates supported by two nominations will be requested to come forward in January 2004, with ballot papers circulated in February 2004.

Residents can also to attend any one of the theme groups, where potential projects are discussed at the initial ‘ideas stage’ and the progress of on-going projects monitored. Meetings are held regularly at monthly or six weekly intervals.

Board Meetings

Click on the link above to view dates for upcoming Board meetings.


Click on the link above to complete a questionnaire and submit your details to NDC. NDC are trying to gather information on what local people are interested in and find out what services local businesses and people provide.

If you own a business or provide a specialist service please get in touch as we want to use local people to provide services wherever possible and can also help to promote your business.

Contacting Staff

About Us

New Cross Gate New Deal for Communities (NDC) is an area based regeneration partnership. In 2001, New Cross Gate NDC was allocated £45m by the Government to work with local people, community organisations and key service-delivery partners to regenerate the New Cross Gate area over ten years. New Cross Gate NDC divides its programme into six themes. These are:

  • Community Development
  • Community Safety
  • Education
  • Employment & Enterprise
  • Health, Sport & Leisure
  • Housing, Transport & Environment

The vision for New Cross Gate was set out in our first delivery plan.

By 2011 the community will enjoy a great improvement in their quality of life and their control of local services. New Cross Gate will be a vibrant place characterised by its diversity, equality, innovation and pride.

We aim to make the regeneration of New Cross Gate last long after the programme has finished by making sure that local people are fully involved in its development. This makes sure that the projects supported and funded by the NDC reflect the needs of the local people and are delvered in a way that will provide them with maximum benefit.

The NDC is giving the local community a chance to contribute to its own regeneration.

Health Fair

Event for local people about health services in New Cross Gate

Health Fair
Saturday 29th March of every year- All Saints Church, New Cross Road, SE14 11am -4pm

The NDC Health Fair aims to inform local people about the range of health services available to them in the area and to provide them with enough information to make improved lifestyle choices.

It also looks at wider health including the environment and employment and the impact is has on overall health and wellbeing.

It is intended to be fun, informative and open to everybody in the local community.

This year the event will include dozens of information stalls with advice and info on:

• Drugs and alcohol
• Cardiovascular awareness
• Smoking and CO2 testing
• Bowel cancer
• Nutrition and healthy eating
• Oral health promotion
• National blood service
• HIV and sexual health
• Sexual health
• Cancer research
• Stroke awareness
• Fire accident and prevention

• Real Nappies initiative
• Recycling and Waste Mobile Unit
• Gardening and recycling

• Training and Enterprise
• Employment
• Free Health Checks
• A sexual health advice bus for 121 support and advice
• Power Boat
• Play bus for children
• Face painting and smoothie making for children
• Food co-op for affordable fresh and good quality fruit and veg
• Blood bank – opportunity to donate blood
• Dr Bike surgery – to give advice and demonstrate minor repairs for your bikes – bring your bikes along!
• Belly dance your way to health performance
• Choir performance
• Aikido Performance
• Massage and relaxation workshops
• Willow planting exercise
• Organised walks
• Millwall Sports Tournament
• Soap and Bubble Company – craft stall/workshop to create your own soap and bubbles
• Free prizes and raffles…..
• Free food and refreshments

Energy & Environmental Awareness

Would you like to contribute to making your neighbourhood and your community greener?
Then this one-day course could be for you.

What does the course cover?

We’ll give you the tools you need to make a difference in your community, including an introduction to green issues and ideas for taking action

• Background to climate change and the Every Action Counts scheme
• Energy issues in the home
• Energy auditing of community buildings
• Working with your NDC
• Spreading the word
• Action planning and ‘taking it forward’
• Grants and incentives
• What next?

Is the course for me?

The workshop is designed for NDC residents and Urban Forum members who are interested in saving energy (and money), improving their environment and creating a more pleasant home and community. Everyone is welcome, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Where can I do the course?

The course will be run on Monday 18 February at:

Unit D, Hatcham Mews Business Centre
Hatcham Mews
New Cross Gate
London SE14 5QA

The day runs from 10am until 4pm with tea and coffee available from 9.30am

What will I learn?

Our aim is to give you a thorough grounding in energy and environmental awareness issues and the knowledge and support to bring the message back to your community.

Who is delivering the course?

The course is being delivered on behalf of the Every Action Counts programme by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) a Bristol-based sustainable energy charity with 20 years experience in training, and Urban Forum, a national membership organisation for community and voluntary groups with an interest in urban and regional policy, especially regeneration.