Building design – four amazing green buildings of 2014

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In this year there were four big game changers who made green design even more amazing. They brought absolutely new standards when it comes to wellness and health. And their projects were
made to keep with targets required from them like net zero energy, waste, water and keeping it with no materials that are toxic. Let’s see who these 4 are:


1. Environment center ‘’Chesapeake’’ made by Foundation’s Brock. The location of this building is in Virginia Beach and it is 10.000square meters big. It is going to have its grand
opening on 26 of January 2015 and it will be a one story educati on center. It has: natural ventilation, natural super insulation, along with natural delighting. Geothermal cooling and
heating, wind turbines, big solar panels and amazing rainwater catchment. It is designed to keep with onset of the level of the sea rise and hurricanes, by being se back 200 feet away from the
shore and placed on pylons which are fourteen feet raised from the level of the sea. The steal system that is inside the structure of the building can easily resist 120 mph of hurricane wind. In building of this there was no use of any Red List materials and it has net zero energy, waste and water. Around the building there is a huge green space.


2. Apartments’ ‘Kiln’’ in Portland. This is a huge complex of apartments (18.000squaremeters) which was finished in June 2014. There are 19 apartments and ground floor used by pedestrian
and the people who like riding bikes. The main target of this project was Passive house certification, so it has: radiant heaters using solar thermal panels on the roof, triple pane wooden
windows, natural ventilation and windows which can protect apartments from unwanted solar heat made by sunshades. A lot of effort and research was put in this project, and yes result is
amazing. Design is astonishing and it is one of the most market rate buildings with energy efficient. US market loves green design, and they love this elegant and natural building.


3. Center for’ ’Sustainable Landscapes’’ made at Botanical gardens and Phipps Conservatory. This one is really huge with 24. 350 square meters! It is placed in Pittsburg and was opened in 2012.But in 2014 it got Net Zero Energy certificate. It now has natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, daylight, constructed wetlands, big green roof and much more. It is really amazing project for zero water and zero waste and it has LBC certificate. This building is also without any toxic materials from Red List. Either way it is truly amazing.Center-for-Sustainable-Landscapes-02

4. ‘’DPR’’ in San Francisco this is an office 24.000 square meters big. It is placed in San Francisco and has View dynamic glass, skylights which can be operated automatically, natural ventilation and: EED dynamic plaque. Also made of recycled materials. It also has zero energy certificates. This is the first of its kind in San Francisco and it is believed that this beauty has opened net-zero future of California. It is worth admiring.


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