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New Cross Gate New Deal for Communities (NDC) is an area based regeneration partnership. In 2001, New Cross Gate NDC was allocated £45m by the Government to work with local people, community organisations and key service-delivery partners to regenerate the New Cross Gate area over ten years. New Cross Gate NDC divides its programme into six themes. These are:

  • Community Development
  • Community Safety
  • Education
  • Employment & Enterprise
  • Health, Sport & Leisure
  • Housing, Transport & Environment

The vision for New Cross Gate was set out in our first delivery plan.

By 2011 the community will enjoy a great improvement in their quality of life and their control of local services. New Cross Gate will be a vibrant place characterised by its diversity, equality, innovation and pride.

We aim to make the regeneration of New Cross Gate last long after the programme has finished by making sure that local people are fully involved in its development. This makes sure that the projects supported and funded by the NDC reflect the needs of the local people and are delvered in a way that will provide them with maximum benefit.

The NDC is giving the local community a chance to contribute to its own regeneration.

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